Our vessels

Our boats

Johan Ruud

 Johan Ruud is our newest boat. This boat was purchased in june 2022 and is now a workplace for Green-Bay's workers. Johan Ruud is 100 feet long and was earlier used for fieldwork and marine research in Tromsø.  The ship has alot of space on deck for the two aluminium workboats, Terna and Tjeld. 


Tyra was the first project in Green-bay. In may 2019, Tyra was baugth as a marine research boat that ran on diesel. Tyra is now the first boat in Norway thats converted into a  hybrid boat that is more environmentally friendly. The boat is equipped with a chrane at the back of the boat.

Tyra used to look like this before the reconstruction.

Tjeld & Terna

Tjeld and Terna is two very practical workboats of the brand Arronet. They are equipped with a gps anchor for stationkeeping while working underwater.  These boats where used for lobster samples in the lobsterconservation area summer 2022 in Lillesand and are used for searcing for lost fishing gear. Tjeld and Terna are very practical because they are made from aluminium, they are sturdy and withstand alot.