About Green-Bay


We will cooperate with everbody who has a drive to do something positive for the marine environment.


Green-Bay company is an idealistic social entrepeneur, working for a sustainable use of coastal waters in the Skagerrak region.    

We are operating from the research vessel TYRA, and have competence within marine engineering, marine biology and underwater technology. Our current mission is to clean the Raet marine national park for all lost fishing gear and eiminate all ghost-fishing.    


The Green-Bay Company carry out seabed clean-up projects on the Skagerak coast. We operate from the coast of Agder to the swedish border. 

We collaborate with Våre Strender. 

We are partners with the Norwegian Institue of Marine Research.  


Our employees:

Tord Aslaksen:

Managing director in Green-Bay. Founder of the company in 2018. Tord worked in the oil industry for more than 20 years before starting the company. He is educated as a naval arcitect/ engineer in marine tecnology.

Ove C Olsen:

Ove is second-in-command, taking care of all kind of things, workboats, ROVs, all practical things and logistics. He is also crew member on Johan Ruud as chief. Ove has been running his own business of trade for over 30 years before joining Green-Bay.

Pelle Boye:

Pelle Is working as an ROV pilot and workboat oprator. Pelle is also working with our surveying systems, mapping solutions and development of tools and workprosesses. He has been working forr Green-bay since 2021.

Lillian Skuggevik:

Lillian is the working project manager for "Rydd Norge Agder" in Green-Bay. 4 days a weeek, Lillian and her team clean beaches from Lillesand to Arendal in all kinds of weather.

Hildegunn Mellesmo Aslaksen:

Hildegunn is working part time as a project administrator. Hildegunn takes care of applications, reporting and corespondense. Rest of the time, Hildegunn works on her PHD thesis for University of Agder.

Thea Otilie Longnes Olsen:

Thea is a sailor, working part time with the "Rydd Norge" project from 2023, as well as finishing her education as a mate at the navgational school.

Contractors/ Hired staff:

Torjussen Multiservice represented by Steinar Torjussen, has been a close co operator since the beginning, fabricating tools and operating his own vessel. In addition Green-bay hires 6 to 10 people when needed  in the company's projects.